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Salam Ramadhan and. FIFA

Wednesday, 23 July 2014 @ 01:41 | 0 Comment [s]

Jyeahhhh! Finally! Dapat jugak aku buat entry baru. Haha. Susah betul nak dapat time yang sesuai untuk update. Well. Ramai orang jealous kut. XD kk. Fullstop. Haih. By the way soriii sebab lambat update pasal ramadhan tahun ni. Dah nak raye dah pun.  haha. So what? I'm not even care. :P Hadoihhh. Nak cerita ramadhan tahun ni, aku da tak main ah jadi budak jahat ni. betaubatt. kahkah. Mana takk. Sekolah baru ni cuti time ramadhan. Sebulan. Memang makan tido jelah kerja kat rumah. Srs. Boringg. Dakdak semua sekolah. Nak hang pun tak tahu ngan sape. hm. Sedehh. bila duduk rumah. Selfie je kerjaa. ahhh. haha. Now, tak tahu nak nak type apa. Bila tak dapat nak entry macam macam nak cerita. emmmmm. ape ek? k japp. Ada somethingg nak share. ehh. Haritu FIFA dah tau da German mesti menangg! haha. #GERMANY !! kayy. kk.

Alhamdulillah. Allah Ta'ala has once again blessed us with the beautiful month of Ramadhan. Like a little child, who while opening a present, can't contain any longer, I shriek in delight that Ramadhan has finally arrived! Another chance for us to increase our balances in his bank of rewards!

Do we know what is waiting for us? Every good deed that we do in this month is far more virtues than the good deeds done in any other month. Our rewards will be multiplied by 10 up to 700 times. It's so easy isn't it?Ramadhan nights is the crown of all nights. It's darkness is precious, it's hours are purest. The prophet s.a said: " The best prayer after obligatory solah is the night prayer." Every night , doors of acceptance are opened from the heavens. Ask Allah  Ta'ala for His bounties and mercy for this month. The weakest person is who cannot supplicate to Allah Ta'ala,

The prophet a.s said: "When Ramadhan comes, gates of heaven are opened, gates of hell are closed and shaitan are chained." 
Fasting also remainds us of the condition of the poor and destitute who suffer the pain of hunger and thirst through out the year. It removes tge gap between the poor and the rich for everyone is fasting, seeking the forgiveness of his loard, abstain from eating and drinking, and the breaking the fast at the same time.

To feed a fasting person during iftar time has a great virtue. (Hadith) We will gain the same reward as the other fasting person merely by providing him with a piece of date or a sip of water so that he can break his fast.

Nights of Ramadhan are blessed ones. It contains one night which is the king of all nights. It is LAILATUL QADR. A night, better than 1000 months. Whoever stays awake and stand in prayer on that night faithfully and hoping for reward, all his past sins will be forgiven.

Andd... Then end. haha. Virtue atas ni saja nak share. From my senior. =)) Maybe untuk tahun depan. Sebab aku lambat sangat nak post. hm. eh, btw. where you going to spend your eid tahun ni? Kalau tanya aku.. hm. Kat rumah je dah cukup bahagia. Sebab semua relatives datang rumah jee tiap tahun. Haha. Syokk gilaaa. Hope dapat post time raya nanti! haha. Kaylaa. bye. Penat tangan menaip tauu. See you soon. By the wayy. Jangan lupa buat spare duit raya. haha. Mwaaa. :*

And, i learn something. For men"sado" kan hati anda. haha.
It take strength to hide your own pain. =))

Lot's of love, a i n z u b a i d a a . x o x o

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